Batch File: Change user profile permissions

I wrote this small batch file that add recursively Group1 to every "Document and Settings" subdirectories NTFS ACL, you can need it if you want to backup this folder with a user that hasn't got Administrators privileges.

for /R "C:\Documents and settings\" %%D in (.) do (
CACLS "%%D" /T /E /G Group1:F


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Vittorio Pavesi


  1. Anonymous
    2:57 PM

    im running the same subinacl and xcacls on my files servers. a quick question, on 1 of my servers i get an error box when i log in using the console and it displays : the application failed to initialize properly. and when i check on the task manager theres like 20 tasks for subinacl and axcacls, what should i do any ideas people?

  2. I didn't understand exactly the scenario, can you explain it better ?

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