SQL: Error = -2147221504 (80040000) Invalid OLEVERB structure

I got the following error executing a scheduled DTS package that use a "Copy SQL Server Objects Task" task:

SQL: Error = -2147221504 (80040000) Invalid OLEVERB structure

The error was generated due to an access denied for the SQL Server Agent account into the path:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools

I think Microsoft forgot to write it into its knowledge base article ID 283811

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  1. Anonymous
    5:04 PM

    Excellent! Fixed a problem with DTS scheduled job failing regularly.

    I looked everywhere for the answer - there are plenty people looking for an answer on this one.

    Thanks a million.

    Arvid Carlander

  2. Anonymous
    10:41 PM

    What exactly did you do, to grant it access to that particular folder?



  3. Just add write permission to the user impersonated by the SQL Server Service

  4. Anonymous
    8:16 AM

    Finding this solution saved my life. working late, deadline tomorrow and I get this error. Thanks for the fix.

  5. Anonymous
    2:00 PM

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  6. Anonymous
    3:37 AM

    Which user is "impersonated" by SQL Server Agent Service?? For instance, do you grant "write" to NT AUTHORITY\​NetworkSer​vice?? Do you grant permission on the folder you were discussing above (i.e. C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools)??? thanks

  7. yes to network service account

  8. Anonymous
    11:53 AM

    Restarting the Domain Controller helped for me in this issue.

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