Windows Update Error [0x8DDD0003]

See if you find a registry value NoWindowsUpdate orDisableWindowsUpdateAccess that is set to 1.
Start/Run ==> regedit.exe
Under the registry key

delete the value "NoWindowsUpdate" if it exist.
Under the registry key
Policies\Windows Update

delete the value "DisableWindowsUpdateAccess" if it exist.
Under the registry key
Group Policy Objects\LocalUser\Software\Microsoft\Windows\
CurrentVersion\Policies\Windows Update

delete the value "DisableWindowsUpdateAccess" if it exist.
If you did any changes, log off and on again.
If the above didn't help:
Do a registry search (in regedit.exe, be sure to have "My Computer"selected when starting each search)) for registry values with name
and delete if found.
Note that if your computer is member of an Active Directory domain,and this this is a policy set with Group Policy, the registryvalues will re-appear at next GPO-refresh.


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