Converting Mac OS X icons to Windows XP


  1. Launch Aladdin Expander
  2. Choose Options from the Edit menu.
  3. Click on the Cross Platform tab.
  4. Chose the following settings:
    1. Convert Text files to Windows Format: Never
    2. Save Macintosh Files in MacBinary Format: Always
    3. Add File Extension: Never
  1. Drag and drop the downloaded file icon.sit onto the Stuffit Expander application icon
  2. Open the generated folder, inside is a subdirectory called The Icons. Open that folder and you will see 3 files. Rename the 'icon' file to 'icon.icns'. If the file already has the .icns extension you can simply leave it alone.
  3. Open the 'icon.icns' with IconWorkshop, then save as .ico

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