Download songs from Deezer - Updated

Some days ago I wrote a post about Deezer, then I searched a lot how to download songs from deezer.

There is a simple solution using Firefox.

  1. Open Deezer site with Firefox
  2. Listen the song until the end (or wait until the streamed content is downloaded)
  3. Click Start -> Run and type %temp%\plugtmp
  4. You will find a file called cacheDiffusion.php or cacheDiffusion-[number].php
  5. Copy and rename it to songname.mp3
I haven't realized yet if it's legal, so analyze your risks before do it.

There is a Firefox Extension called DownloadHelper that allow you to download streaming content. You must configure MediaReq to manage PHP extension then click on its icon and save the file.
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  1. Anonymous
    5:48 PM

    Doesn't work with Firefox 3 on Vista..

  2. Anonymous
    2:37 PM

    Cache solution doesn't work with Firefox and Windows XP either... There is no .php file in the %temp%\plugtmp folder

  3. Anonymous
    2:40 PM

    The DownloadHelper plugin for FireFox does not work either. It only downloads a 400KB FLV file that contains 25 seconds of the track.

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