HPBOID.EXE remove it permanently - CONTINUE

I notice the method described previously, where I removed dependency from Windows Registry doesn't work properly with all HP printer drivers, so I continue the analysis looking into Windows Component Services.

I found 2 DCOM component with the same name of the services
HP Port Resolver
HP Status Server

From the properties of both component, I modified Launch Permission and Configuration Permission removing all accounts (MMC will crash because you will not have permissions).

You must then disable both Windows Services and restart server.
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Vittorio Pavesi


  1. I used the DCOM method on a single PC with a Photosmart C6180. It worked perfrctly. Hpboid.exe and hppro.exe are nowhere to be seen even after printing. Thanks!

  2. Joris Linssen
    2:35 PM

    That didn't work for me, as the accounts kept reappearing after I deleted them. Instead, I modified all permissions for all accounts to 'deny'. Subsequently the two objects disappeared from the DCOM config list. When I now print, only one instance of hpbrpo.exe appears and remains in memory independant of the amount of print jobs. I can live with that.

  3. None of these methods work. It just resets the permissions or re-adds the accounts and reactivates the processes. Doh!

  4. @jake: Did you remove or did you deny ?

  5. Anonymous
    7:23 PM

    Hi there, Does this resolution work on a Terminal Server running Dynamic-GP? Thanks

  6. Anonymous
    8:22 PM

    Doesn't it work just setting the services to "disabled" ?

    Haven't tried my self....

  7. Have you tried just renaming the files?

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