HyperV Integration Services: Fatal error during installation

Installing Integration Services on HyperV I got the following problem:
"An error has occured: Fatal error during installation."

Delete (or rename) two file on the guest machine
Reboot and reinstall the integration services.
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Vittorio Pavesi


  1. Thanks. That worked great, even though I didn't reboot before I installed. Do you know WHY it worked? (I haven't done any research on that yet. Thought I would ask you first.)


  2. Daniel
    8:24 PM

    Worked for me too when suffering this same error on a XP image running inside Hyper-V.

    Some Googling suggests those two .SYS files have something to do with keyboard/mouse functionality and possibly other low-level driver services.

  3. Anonymous
    5:45 PM

    Thanks, really helpful.

  4. Anonymous
    6:14 PM

    Worked perfectly to get past this error with a Server 2003 after P2V with Acronis.


  5. When i was trying to delete that file cannot delete

  6. Jamie C
    5:36 PM

    When I did this and rebooted, the VM went into startup recovery, luckily I was able to rename the files back.

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