Convert VHD from Hyper-V to Virtual PC

Many site said it's impossible to convert an Hyper-V VHD based image to Virtual PC 2007 format, I found a way to do it, basically you need to remove integration services before copy vhd, then replace hal.dll.

1) Before copy VHD file, REMOVE Hyper-V Integration Services
2) Stop the Virtual Machine and copy the VHD file (let's call VirtualMachine1.vhd)
3) Start another virtual machine inside Virtual PC with same OS and use as a Secondary Disk the previous copied file (VirtualMachine1.vhd)
4) Using Windows Explorer from the previous started virtual machine open the Secondary Disk (let's suppose it's recognized as E:)
5) Replace hal.dll from the secondary disk (E:\WINDOWS\system32\HAL.DLL) using the file present into C: Partition.
6) Don't install ACPI drivers

More details about HAL.DLL file on:
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  1. Thanks for help, but how i can remove Integrated Services? Is not possible to unistall Hyper-V. or you know a way how to do it? Please tell me how.

  2. Anonymous
    5:49 PM

    Yes, you can remove the integration services from a windows2003 machine, but with a windows2008 machine?!?

    bye Ciccio!


  3. Anonymous
    4:49 AM

    Thanks for the tip - I was able to move Aivea Commerce Server VM to VPC

  4. to remove the integration service mount them then from cmd run setup /uninstall

  5. Anonymous
    6:21 PM

    worked like a charm - thanks!

  6. Anonymous
    11:59 PM

    Thanks Vittorio,
    Your solution is wonderful. I've played with these options separately, but the trick is in using these 2 steps together.

  7. Anonymous
    2:13 PM

    10x a lot Bro.Your post was very helpful.

  8. Windows 2000 SP4 is also an operating system wich is supported and can take advantage of the VMbus architecture.

    migrated this OS to a hyper-V environment this week and i noticed it installed vmbus components for the network card and other devices.

  9. Anonymous
    4:10 PM

    Great idea. However, even though I am pretty savvy, I do not seem to make it work.

    After replacing the HAL.DLL on the fully functional 32-bits SBS 2003 Premium VM from Hyper-V, the VM tries to boot and get stuck on the Windows Server 2003.

    Any other tricks or suggestions will be highly appreciated.

  10. Works like a charm! Thank you very very much for this tip! Amazing!

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